Friday, October 7, 2011

A little birthday note for my husband

John and I promised we wouldn't exchange gifts this year so I thought I would write a little something for John instead. Hopefully I don't embarrass him too much. Love you babe! 

29 Reasons why I can’t imagine not having 
you for my husband, best friend and 
daddy to our soon-to-arrive son.

  1. I know you are going to be the most amazing father to our little Hamlet
  2. Your happy sock collection
  3. The funny voices you make when you are in a silly mood
  4. You never get mad…ever. I even try to get you to get mad and it’s just not in you.
  5. You cook me lunch at least 2-3 work days and it's waiting for me on my lunch break
  6. Your Nike high top collection, Jordan would be proud.
  7. You adopted my aging snoring pug and love her just the same
  8. You accept my obsession with yellow even though sometimes it gets excessive
  9. Your happy go lucky attitude, you are definitely not a complainer
  10. You call me 1- 3 times when you go to pick something up at the store, just because
  11. Your guilty pleasure of chick flicks even though I can’t stand them
  12. Your new found love of sweets lets me not feel so bad when I crave ice cream
  13. How you relate everything in life to Seinfeld so convincingly
  14. Your confidence in yourself, it is so refreshing to be with someone who is comfortable in their own skin.
  15. You love to cook which helps on nights I love to be lazy J
  16. Your insane and sometimes “crossing the line” sense of humor, I laugh out loud on a daily basis
  17. Not many people can pull off a bowtie and/or suspenders
  18. You can hang with literally anyone and make a good time out of it
  19. Some of my family members seem to like you better than me and vice versa 
  20. How you can’t watch people perform on tv for the first time because you say you just want to see people success and not fail or embarrass themselves.
  21. Our memories span decades. Besides family I don’t have that with any one else
  22. I love the way you rub my baby belly for good luck, our little lucky charm…which must have worked cause you got yourself a son!
  23. Your crazy mustache obsession…even though it takes you months to grow it you sure know how to rock it proud.
  24. How supportive you have been during my random pregnancy cry sessions, they usually come and go quick but you still treat each one like it is important
  25. Your mad dance skills, when you get into the zone you can sure cut a rug
  26. You love to shop as much, if not more than me.
  27. Your mummy sleep style, you wrap yourself up like a human burrito and don’t move until morning.
  28. Your terms of endearment for me, my favorite of course will always be “babe”
  29. How you sincerely care about people and will do just about anything to help a friend out.
  30.  (Plus ONE TO GROW ON) You are the best travel partner, you are always up for an adventure and can lighten any mood if there is tension or problems.

Happy Birthday John, can’t wait to keep adding to the list!

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  1. i LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this :)oh and #19 isn't completely true, but we do love john a lot :)
    ----your scottish cousin