Monday, November 21, 2011

Baby Hamra: 26 weeks

We started off the morning with a fabulous maternity session with Jared from J Designs Studios, who did our wedding and engagement photos last year.
We can't wait to see the sneak peaks, Jared always does such an amazing job! 
Check out his work here:

After our session we heading to our every 4 week doctor's appointment. First I met with the doc and she checked my weight, baby's heart beat and measured me as usual. The thing that caught us off guard was my measurement. Last appointment as I had blogged, she said I was measuring about 2 weeks ahead. This time.....4 weeks! So where we are thinking we are 26 weeks we might actually be 30. WOWSERS! She hasn't changed my due date yet but wants to see me in 3 weeks and will give me an update then. She doesn't think I have a "big" baby per se due to my low weight gain just might have had the due date wrong. After I met with my doctor I went and had my glucose test done (gestational diabetes) and luckily it came back negative.

26 weeks, we think...
Baby Stats this week: Size of a hothouse cucumber. 2.0-2.25 pounds.
About 15 inches long (from head to tow).
Nakato's & Bowling with the Johnson's on Saturday

Other news in the Hamra world is John finally caved and bought eye glasses, he has needed them for a while but has been putting it off. He looks so cute and is so happy to finally see, he was so shocked at the difference once he put them on. Like he said, it is like everything is in HD.

John's new specs

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