Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

Thanksgiving was a little different than years past. We stayed in Springfield instead of heading to St. Louis and my parents decided to host this year. John's step-dad Derrick started his Chemo treatments Monday before Thanksgiving so we spent a few days visiting with him at the hospital. John's mom wanted to keep Derrick company so we brought them some yummy food at the hospital to enjoy. He was released Saturday and will be back in 5 weeks for his second treatment.
Dad carving the turkey

Boys watching football

Game Time

My dad and me with his little grandson in the belly

what I am thankful for

John and me (with his stylish new glasses)

My sister and John's siter

John's crazy hoodie that zips all the way up
Visiting John's stepdad Derrick during his Chemo

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