Sunday, January 22, 2012

365 Days of Wedded Bliss

I've said it before but time really flies when you are in love!
John and I are celebrating our 1 year anniversary today and we couldn't be happier. It is hard to believe that this time last year we were getting ready to walk down the aisle and now we are getting ready to walk out of a hospital with our baby son. What a blessing!
Although we have only been married one year, our relationship has really grown over our 12 years together and I can't wait to see what's in store for the next 12, 20, 50.......
John, I love you and can't wait to not only call you husband but father to our little man. 
We celebrated by going to dinner at Rebecca Grille and enjoying a relaxing night at home (watching some It's Always Sunny, of course), something we won't get to do quite as much in a few weeks. I surprised John with a Daddy Diaper Bag, so he doesn't have to lug around my "girly" one.
Here are some pics from our first year married and some of the fun stuff we did.
Mr. and Mrs.

MU vs. KU game

Elton John Concert
St. Louis for the Lil Wayne, Nikki Minaj, Rick Ross and Travis Barker Concert 
Lots of friends got married (this is from Katie & Eli Estes' Big Day)
Cabo in May for our Honeymoon

Lots of fun Pool Parties! 

Mel had a wiggin' out party and beat Breast Cancer, GO MEL!
Adorable Babies were born (this particular one is Dutch!!)
Float Trippin'

Ozark Empire Fair
Cousins came to visit

Chicago for the Card vs. Cubs game
Found out we were having a BOY!!!
Mizzou's 100th Homecoming 
Easter in Springfield
Had some maternity photos taken
Christmas in St. Louis
We painted and prepared a nursery!
New Year's at Touch
Baby Shower!!
And our wonderful sisters threw us a Family Baby Shower!!! 


  1. What a busy year! And the next year will definitely be even busier with little man arriving! I predict he'll come on Valentine's Day because he's the perfect symbol of the perfect love and life you and John have started together. God's richest blessings on all of you from Mom and Dad Engel.

  2. That is the sweetest note Mom! Thank you, we love you both very much!

  3. Awwwww, Momma Engel, that brought a little tear to my eyes! So sweet and so very true!

    What a FUN year!!!! So honored to be a part of so many of those fun, special times! Love you guys and can't wait for that little guy to make his appearance in this world!!!!