Sunday, January 15, 2012

Baby Hamra: 34 Weeks

Another growing week for little man. We had another appointment on thursday and everything went well. His Hamlet's heartbeat is a strong 150 bpm and all my vitals were good. He was measuring 35 weeks (about 1.5 weeks ahead) and we are now on to our weekly doctor's appointments until his birth.
Also this week we had our final breastfeeding class, hospital tour and my parents had their Grandparents class.  I think my parents will agree that the tour was a lot of fun. It definintely made it all seem so much more real. St. John's has private suites for all labor and delivery patients and they are very nice. My favorite part was checking out the nursery and seeing a 2-hour old newborn get her bath, can't wait!! My mom said the Grandparents class was super informative, she did warn me however that my dad may need some practice since he broke the head off the CPR doll...yikes!

Baby Hamra 34 weeks
Countdown: 42 days, 6 weeks
Size: 19-22 inches - size of a pineapple
Weight: 4.75-4.9 lbs

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  1. You look adorable! Can't wait to meet the little man face to face! :o)