Monday, February 6, 2012

Baby Hamra: 37 Weeks

Getting heavy
I can't believe we are just 3 short weeks away.
We had another appointment last thursday and I am still just 1 cm dilated but about 30 % effaced (which is the fancy word for thinning of the cervix). He was measuring about 38 weeks and had a healthy heart beat of 148.
His nursery is officially complete and we even rearranged the living room to make room for his swing. John was busy installing the car seats and I have packed my hospital bag. We even took our infant lifesaver class last week and learned CPR and safety tips for when we bring him home.
Bet at work on when he will arrive.
Hard to believe!
Baby Hamra 37 weeks
Countdown: 3 weeks or 20 days
Size: 19-22 inches
Weight: approx. 6-6.5 lbs (watermelon) - although Dr. thinks he is only about 5.5 lbs.
Fun Facts: Weight gain for baby can be about half an ounce per day. His head at birth will be the same size circumference as his hips, addomen and shoulders. baby's organs are fully developed and prepared for the outside world. 


  1. It does look like you have a watermelon under your shirt. LOL.

  2. The green probably doesn't help :) but you're right it sure does!