Friday, February 10, 2012

Baby Hamra: Doctor Update

We had another weekly doctor's appointment yesterday and it was  definitely more eventful.
Little man is measuring 40 weeks already (we will be 38 weeks sunday) with a healthy heart beat of 148. I am 3 cm dilated and 50% effaced (half way) and getting a lot of contractions, enough that she said at this point if they are 5 minutes apart for an hour to skip the phone call and come straight in because she will admit me. She even said she would induce me this weekend if I wanted. I am definitely not interested in getting induced, he will come when he is ready.
I had a pretty rough day yesterday after the appointment and thought about going in but my contractions were only 7-10 minutes apart so I stayed home but I had major cramping. I can definitely feel a difference though with way more pressure and dull pain.
My blood pressure was high for the first time but she wasn't worried thought it had to do with me having a head cold and having trouble breathing. I also lost weight this week. She wasn't concerned and said that is normal at the end because the baby starts taking weight from the mom as it grows.
Who knows, maybe we will get to meet our little guy in the next few days. Megan and I plan to walk tomorrow morning so that should help.

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