Thursday, February 16, 2012

Baby Hamra update

Today was very eventful and emotional. Went to my weekly appointment (sans John, he had to work) and unfortunately had another high blood pressure ready. High enough that my doc sent me to Labor & Delivery. They kept me for a few hours and did blood work, urine test, more blood pressure readings and monitored me, contractions and the babies vitals. They released me after a few hours but my blood pressure was still high and they were concerned with protein in my urine so would not release me to return to work today or tomorrow. They ended up calling me a couple hours later and telling me they scheduled me for an induction this upcoming Monday at 7 am. It is not worth having me continue with elevated blood pressure and she feels he is ready to come. She even said that she thinks there is a good chance he will come on his own this weekend. While I am sad we may be induced, I trust my doctor and know she is just doing what is best for him. We would appreciate prayers that everything goes smoothly and that we get to meet a healthy Hamlet hopefully this weekend if not then Monday.
The good news is doc said he is very healthy and they are not concerned with him. I was still 3 cm dilated but he had descended a lot. We are just so excited to meet our little man!



  1. Praying for you guys and baby Hamlet!! The same thing happened to me Kari and I was actually scheduled to induce on the 24th an Collin decided to come on the 22nd! :) of March tho. So if the same thing happens to you.. We will see Baby boy on Saturday!! (my birthday.. I'm telling you darling.. He wants to share my bday!!) praying for a safe delivery and for you and baby to be healthy and happy! Keep me posted love!! I love you!!

  2. That would be so great Hollie if he shared your bday!!! Thanks for the message, we will definitely keep you posted. Love you!!!!

  3. Good luck, Kari! I can't wait to hear that you have him in your arms.