Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Sawyer is doing great but he had a little bit of a bumpy start at the beginning. We had a small delay being released from the hospital because he had a small case of jaundice and they also were concerned that he might have a heart murmur. The Pediatric cardiologist came to see him and did an echo only to find it was a trivial matter (in his own words). They set us up with a followup appointment in two months to make sure it is nothing. Then we got home and where in for a whole other round of speed bumps. The first night he couldn't seem to get satisfied breastfeeding even though he did great in the hospital. After a night of zero sleep John and I took him up to the Mother & Baby Support Center to see why he wasn't feeding right. When we got there they were very concerned with his weight loss, he was down to 7 lbs. 12 oz almost a full pound less than his birth weight. He was also more jaundice due to lack of food. After 2 nights of syringe feeding my milk, 2 trips to the Mother & Baby Support Center, a visit to his pediatrician and lots of lab work we learned he was very dehydrated and the problem actually is with his tongue. The tendon that connects his tongue underneath is too short to allow him to get efficient food. March 15 we have an appointment with his doctor to have it snipped (sound terrible), the doctor said it actually isn't that uncommon and he should heal fast without much pain. I am also praying that even though this appointment is a few weeks away he will take to breastfeeding again since I have been able to still pump and give him my milk. Prayers welcome as always!
John and I are learning so much and we are doing everything we can to keep our boy strong....pack some meat on his bones. We go back tomorrow to check to see if his weight is better so I will post an update after. In the meantime here are so adorable pics of Mr. Sawyer. And just so everyone knows, yes I will be over-posting baby pics. I just can't help it!

On our way to our first Pediatrician visit
Getting blood drawn, it cracked us up because they put a heat pack
on his heal and it made him pass out and straighten like a board
He never straightens his legs like this!
Daddy lovin' on his son


  1. You'll have to change the tag line on your blog to "a little diddy about John & Kari & SAWYER!" :o) He's a tough little man and I know that he's in good hands with you and John. So proud of all of you!