Thursday, February 23, 2012

Sawyer Update: Day 6

Today was a great day for Mr. Sawyer. Started off going to the pediatrician to do a weight check and we are proud to say he is now 8 lbs. 5 oz. The doctor was very pleased with his weight gain and said to continue pumping and bottle feeding him breast milk. We did notice however over the past 36 hours he hadn't had a stool and his abdomen was very hard, so we asked her about him possibly being constipated.  Yep, he sure was. She did some not-so-fun things to him to get things moving and recommended we go home and give him prune juice mixed with water...and wallah, 20 minutes later he was feeling like a new man. There are just so many fun things you learn as a parent. Sawyer also had his first at-home bath tonight, he didn't really like it but he smells super good now.
Here is a video of his first bath at the hospital, I was unable to be there because I was still in recovery but John filmed the whole thing. So glad he was able to capture it.

And of course more photos (I just can't help it!)
Grandpa stopped by last night, little man was showing off!

Not so happy about getting clean

What did you do to me? 
I'm pooped!
I like my crib!

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