Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Such a strong little guy

I swear Sawyer is already trying to crawl, I know that is impossible but during our last few tummy times he gets on his knees and arms and holds himself up for a few seconds. It is just so crazy, I had to video it! I know he is crying in them but I promise I wasn't being a cruel mom and made sure he was okay :)
He has had a bunch of awesome visitors and we just love introducing him to  everyone. Today he got to visit with Melanie and Hollie and had a great time. Thanks everyone for thinking about us, it means so much!

Hollie snuggling with Sawyer
Mel, Sawyer and the little Blair Twins 
My new favorite pic!

Jared posted a couple new pics from his newborn session, my heart melts!

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  1. He is holding his head up so well already! The attempted crawling is so cute, Pearce started rolling over from back to front all the time @ 3 weeks (a 3 month milestone) then his belly got too fat & he couldn't do it again till the correct age :) Your little guy is so cute makes me almost ready to do it again ;)