Saturday, February 25, 2012

My pregnancy Go-To's

Since I have a couple hours while Sawyer's napping to blog, I have been wanting to post about some of the things that made my pregnancy much more comfortable and actually a pretty enjoyable experience.  They may sound strange to non-pregnant people but for my friends who are expecting you might appreciate it.

This was my gold, went through 6 bottles and NO STRETCH MARKS!!!
I know it has a lot to do with genetics but it is worth a shot!

Target's Boyfriend T's fit my bump perfectly and
are super cheap and comfy. Bonus you can wear them after.
My Pregnancy Wedge pillow was a great help when my bump
got big enough it was uncomfortable to sleep on my side. 

Citrus fruit tasted so good during my pregnancy,
and it helped keep me from getting sick! 

I did Ozark Fitness' Body Pump up until Week 36 and I never had back pain.
I also think it helped with the actually "work" of labor, pushing is the hardest thing
I have ever done. If you just modify your weights it really helps keep you strong!

The Babybump App is great, I was able to track mine and Sawyer's progress, appointments, pics and they post weekly and daily tips.
It was my favorite of all the apps I downloaded
I had my Tervis Tumbler in hand non-stop. It helped keep me
hydrated (no swelling), they never sweet and stay cold/hot all day!
My mom bought me the book "You Being Pregnant" before she even knew
I was pregnant because she knows I love Dr. Oz. It takes a different approach
than other pregnancy books he explains things in ways that just seem to make sense. 

I tend to forget to take my vitamins but then I found these gummy versions.
I actually looked forward to taking them before I went to bed, they are yummy!
Target even has a off-brand version called "Up and Up" and it is around half the price.

Sleeping was really my only struggle during pregnancy so I created a
pillow fort to prop me up. I used anywhere from 4-5 pillows
every night and I am normally a tummy sleeper or a one-pillow gal.

In the beginning, being a work-out-a-holic, I wore a heart rate monitor
every workout (thanks to Anna Whitaker for lending me hers for 5+ months).
It is crazy to see the change in your heart rate when you are expecting and I
am so glad I had it to gauge when I was pushing myself to hard.

I love my heels but they are not always suitable for a pregnant body, Toms
were a great back up and still cute. I even wore them in the hospital as my slippers.

I walked the whole pregnancy on the days I didn't do Body Pump and when
I couldn't do Pump anymore, the treadmill and I were very close friends. I had walking
dates with my preggers friend Melanie and it made our hour-long workouts fly by!