Monday, March 19, 2012

The Fuller's come for a visit

Joe, Nicole, Ruby and Rocco came over for a visit last night to meet Sawyer. We got to catch up, play and eat pizza and sprinkles with a side of cupcakes (Ruby's speciality). It was a good night!

Dads with their dudes, Rocco is so intrigued
"Hi Friend!"
Joe & Sawyer
Nicole and Sawyer
Rocco trying out John's specs

Ruby giving Sawyer some Sugar
Exhibit A: Toddler + unattended sprinkles bottle.

Oops! At least it's tasty. 


  1. First off, LOVE THE NEW HEADER OF YOUR BLOG! It melts my heart. Secondly, I love these pictures! So cute! You and the Fullers produce such cute kiddos! I have yet to meet Rocco, but he is just as adorable as Miss Ruby!

  2. Thanks Trina, it was time to add little man to our header :) He is such a sweetie, always smiling and giggling. Miss Ruby is so grown up now too! Can't wait to see you friend!