Saturday, March 17, 2012

Sawyer: 1 Month

Not only was today St. Patrick's Day but it was our little guy's 1 Month birthday.  We took him for a walk downtown and he also got a visit from the Marinec's since Matt was in town from DC. Friday night Megan came over for some play and snuggle time and we even took an outing to Andy's to enjoy the nice weather.

While we have had a couple rough nights (stupid gas!), Sawyer is such a sweet baby and we are having so much fun with him. He has loved all the visitors and prefers to have it loud and bright versus quiet and dark!

We have learned he loves car rides, trail walks, being naked and sleeping on his daddy (and grandpa!) and dislikes waiting to eat, laying on his back and being swaddled (can't keep those little hands in).

After he had his tongue procedure Tuesday, he did take back to breast feeding again. We still do some bottle breastmilk feeding whenever he has visitors or we are out but he has no problem going back and forth between both. So far, feedings are going great.

Here are some pics from the past few days.
Happy 1 Month to our growing boy, we love you!
I'm getting so big!
Andy's Trip! We covered him up to avoid germs :)

We had lots of Mother/Son time!!!
Getting to meet Matt
Chuck and Sawyer
Stephanie and Sawyer


  1. His one month birthday pics in his tie and green booties are my new favorite photos of him! He has such personality! :o)

  2. The one on the right I thought looked like he was doing an irish jig :)

  3. So Cute! Megan, that baby looks good in your arms =)