Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Sawyer Milestones: Sleeping in his crib

Sawyer made a huge milestone last night (in our eyes anyway), he slept in his crib all night without any crying! We didn't even use the nap nanny once and he slept on his back, partially swaddled, in the dark with the sound machine on. He slept from 10:00 pm-1:15 a.m. and then 1:45-5:15 and then again from 5:30-8:05. That's some good sleep for him and us!! I'm one proud mama.

And now some more awesome Sawyer faces....


  1. Woooohoooooo...ATTA BOY, SAWYER!!!!!

  2. I can't get enough of those Sawyer faces! Just wanna kiss those cheeks! Tell him Grandma E is proud of him for sleeping in his crib and letting mama and daddy get some much-needed sleep too!