Monday, March 26, 2012

Weekend Fun

Sawyer had a busy & fun weekend! Friday night Trina came over for pizza and some March Madness basketball and later Sawyer's Great Uncle Mike stopped by to visit while he was in town from Boston.
Saturday, Sawyer and I spent the day at my parents and also took a nice walk. When John got off work we headed to Megan and Tim's for Sawyer's first BBQ. Sunday was another eventful day with a walk in the morning, his Aunt Cindie and Uncle Rob coming in the afternoon, followed by another walk and BBQing at Grandma & Grandpa's with both his Aunt Rachel and Aunt Amie. When we got home last night we decided to try out having him sleep in his nursery all night versus our room. And I am happy to say he made it all night in the nursery (partly on his back in his crib and also with the nap nanny in his crib) and slept a straight 5 hours at the beginning of the night. Let's see how it goes tonight.


Lots of Trina Time!
Meeting his Great Uncle Mike


All the Dudes at the BBQ

Showing off at Megan & Tim's
Our little football

Meeting Goose & Wyatt, I think they approve


Uncle Rob
Thanks Aunt Cindie for burping me!
I love BBQ's
Just hanging out!

Big Yawn!

Asleep in his crib!!

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  1. You took the plunge on sleeping in the crib, GOOD WORK!!