Saturday, April 21, 2012

Getting Out

It's a fact, I just don't get to be as social as I used to be. Obviously I have a new priority with a little dude around. I'm not complaining, I love mommy-hood. But I am trying to get out every once and a while because hanging out with a baby 24 hours a day probably isn't the best for my sanity.
Thursday, we had our monthly Girls Supper Club. I brought Sawyer with me and he seemed to love it. He got to flirt with all my girlfriends, all while enjoying 70 degree weather on Galloway's Patio.
Friday, I decided to go out solo. Sawyer went to grandma and grandpa's until John got off work. I met up with Trina, Megan and Jammi for our annual Rock N Ribs VIP night party. It was FREEZING, but it was so nice to get out and socialize. Honestly, most my conversations reverted back to Sawyer and me bragging on him like the proud momma I am. I am not ashamed! By the end of the night (I only made it to 9:30) all I could think about was getting home to snuggle him.

Photo my mom sent me of Sawyer playing with gma


  1. Thanks for letting us get a little Sawyer time while you get a little mommy time! We love playing with him - he's such a sociable little guy!

    1. No thank you! Sawyer loves you both and it is great he gets that grandparent time. Love you guys!