Saturday, April 21, 2012

Saturday Wildlife Hike

My mom, dad, Sawyer and I, headed to the Springfield Nature Center this afternoon since the sun was shining. We did the long hike and were lucky enough to encounter some pretty cool wildlife. First we saw a mess of water turtles and then a bass spawning. When we came around the corner a family showed us where a bunch of does were bedding down and a few were walking around too. There appeared to be around 5 or 6. Then we heard some turkey calling so my dad thought he would try to get them to respond to his calls. Not only did they respond, one came over out of the woods over to us.  It was a pretty big bird and super cool to see up close.
Can you see the deer?
Yep, he slept the whole time.
Here are a few videos
This video is of my dad calling and getting a response

This video is when we notice the turkey is actually coming towards us. You have to look pretty close but by the end you can see it right in front.

This final video is a better view of the turkey and one more good reponse

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