Sunday, April 22, 2012

A new family tradition

I grew up going to church every (well most) sundays. I have very fond memories of going to sunday school and hearing the children's reading. John and I want that same thing for Sawyer, a weekly positive activity we can do together as a family. We decided we are going to try to go to church every sunday and then have breakfast together. We would like to have that one family breakfast "spot" we go to every week, but we haven't decided where yet. Today we met my parents at 8 a.m. service at our church, Redeemer Lutheran, and then went to Gailey's. Always a delicious choice, they are definitely in the running for our weekly family tradition. Sawyer loved it too, slept the whole time and actually didn't wake to eat until 6 hours after his morning feeding. He is definitely a morning baby.
I love family Sundays!!

I had the "Executive" and John went just for B&Gs and pancakes.
Got in some playtime after church

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