Thursday, May 31, 2012

Bringing our backyard back to life

Memorial Weekend was so busy! We decided we needed to spruce up our backyard because we had enough of the ugly bushes (it only took us 6 years). It was quite the undertaking but we am so relieved it is done. Now we just have to wait for the plants to come in! We planted elephant ears and gladioli bulbs along the lattice so I will post a final picture when they are all grown in.
After a shovel, axe and hedge trimmers we (JOHN) finally got the bushes out.
The crazy bushes are gone!
before the fix up
Sawyer watching from the shady porch
Stones we took from other parts of our yard

New plants
Bowie helping with the new garden

So much better! 
Adding the lattice as the final touch
Can't wait to see all the plants grown in


  1. Great job! It looks so much better back there!