Monday, September 17, 2012

Adventures in baby-food Making: Pears

I love Pears. I actually like them better than peaches, so I was excited for Sawyer to get to try them.  I am already salivating thinking of Christmas deliveries at work when those amazing pears arrive from Harry and David!
We have been mixing pears (or whatever fruit he is trying at the time) with his rice cereal in the morning and he just devours them! But like I have said before there really isn't anything this boy doesn't like.


1. Scrub & clean pears
2. Peal pears so there is no skin remaining
3. cut into small cubes
4. put into a food processor, blender or Baby Bullet with about a ¼ cup of water and puree .
5. Put in storage containers, freeze or refrigerator depending on when you plan to use them. (Here are some rules of thumb – 3 days in refrigerator or 30 days in freezer)

4 pears made 22 oz. of food. That is about 5.5 servings for Sawyer

The Math 

The math came out the extremely close (less than a cent different) to the same on the pears as it did with the peaches. So once again, it's worth it to make your own.

4 pears at $1.89 a pound – made 22 oz of baby food = $2.97
Total cost per ounce = 13.5 cents

Gerber 1st Foods SmartNourish Organic baby food (pears) comes in 2 – 3.5 containers for $1.49 each, so 16.5 ounces = $3.47
Total cost per ounce = 21 cents


1 day of Gerber’s Peaches (2 containers or 7 ounces per day) =$1.49
1 day of Home-made Peaches (7 ounces per day) =  $.91
Total Savings per day = $.58
Total Savings per week (7 days) = $4.06
Total Savings per month (30 day month) = $17.40
Total Savings per year (365 days) = $211.70

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