Wednesday, September 12, 2012

St. Louis Zoo Visit

Sunday afternoon we headed to the St. Louis Zoo, one of my favorite St. Louis landmarks. Visiting the zoo brings back lots of great memories for me.
Growing up in St. Louis, I spent many mornings at the Zoo with my mother and sister, Amie, taking part in a program called "The Wild Side Walkers". Each summer we would get up super early (well for a kid it was early) and walk the entire distance of the zoo before they would open to the public. We would get punches for the miles walked on our walkers card towards prizes at the end of the summer. Honestly, I know it might sound cheesy but those miles walked helped influence me still today with my love for fitness. My mom & dad was great about doing  activities with us that were healthy & outdoors and it has always stuck with me (thanks Mom & Dad!). John and I hope to instill this into Sawyer as well. We hope he chooses outdoor play before video games and physical activity versus sitting in front of the TV. Long story short....we hope to go on lots of family trips like the zoo.

Here are some pictures from our trip & a couple photos from after the zoo when we went to go visit my Grandparents, Aunt Debbie and Chase.

Sawyer got to meet real life "Sophie" the giraffe!
Sharing my love of elephants with Sawyer

Train ride
I love the train!
John called these the Happy Sock animals
Inside the Penguin house, it was super cold!!

Second Cousins Chase & Sawyer meet. Notice Sawyer took all the toys

Not so good at sharing yet

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  1. I love that he has his Rams jersey on :o) Cute pictures!