Monday, November 19, 2012

Getting Organized

Betsy doing what she does best

I love organization, whether it be a list of numbered to do's or a closet that is color coordinated, I get a little giddy when something has a place and is in it. While I may love to be organized, lately a little something forced me to live with a little mess (hint: his name rhymes with Destroyer). As he is getting a little bigger I am making a vow to slowly take my house back one room at a time. 

My best friends Trina was kind enough to give me a gift certificate to 2B Organized which is a residential and commercial organization company. I have to admit I was nervous as all get out to let someone come in and see my clutter (especially since I am going to be showing all of you the pics) but just like any problem...the first step is to admit there is one!

Our first room to tackle, the kitchen/utility room. It has been taken over with baby bottles/accessories, spices, plastic bar cups and k-cups. We have just let it get out of control.

Betsy Miller, the owner, came and did a consultation. She gave us tips and ideas that would help give everything in our kitchen it's own "place". She recommended a few things to purchase and we could decide our budget. We wanted to keep it under $100 and it was easy to do that. 

We purchased:
2 stackable storage containers: $24 each at target

2 plastic bins: $3.50 each at Target. Online you can only buy 4 w/lids

Wall Spice Rack: $24.99 Target Online

Total money spent:  $80

Betsy came over this past Saturday to execute the plan. First we "purged", which involved choosing what items got trashed, donated or kept. When we were all done we had about 3 bags of donate and 2 bags of trash. I threw away every single bar plastic cup we owned and it felt GREAT! Now we only have glass & what John refers to as "adult" plastic cups. We also trashed 2 broken blenders and tons of cozies and shot glasses from college.

What a huge difference!

We also consolidated all of my spices since I had about 2-3 of each. We even found a Black Pepper container that expired it 1986!!!! It was my moms I think and somehow I got it, I haven't thrown it away yet since it is vintage. 

Betsy was able to use some of my older baskets and containers to organize little things like baby bottle accessories and our crystal light packets. John had a brilliant idea of taking our counter spice rack and removing the spices and putting our Keurig K-cups in there, they fit perfect. 

all our K-Cups

baby stuff now has a home!

no more duplicate spices

bye bye plastic cups
It took 3 hours but it flew by! We may have jammed out to Bon Jovi and made hot toddies to spice up the morning. Betsy did an amazing job and is so quick! She can just look at something and know how to organize it. I am dying to have her do my closet (HINT HINT, Christmas present!). 

I actually have some counter space!

You can see the wall spice rack in this picture
Betsy has actually started franchising 2B Organized, so if you are interested click on the image below for more details on their website. 

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  1. Looks great Kari! Must feel SO good to get organized.