Friday, December 28, 2012

Home-made Ornaments

I really wanted to buy one of those footprint/handprint ornament making kits for Sawyer's First Christmas but saw the price tag and decided against it. BUT thanks to my bestie Megan who shared the  easy ornament making tutorial she found, I was still able to capture his cute little hand and footprint on an ornament for almost no money at all. Here is her blog on all the wonderful ornaments she made:

My mom and I made the dough on Christmas Eve and since they need to bake for 2-4 hours, we finished the painting last night. We only made a couple, his hand and foot prints and then stockings for Mommy, Daddy, Sawyer, Grandma and Grandpa. Next year, he will be able to make his own!

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  1. Fun! We could make it an annual tradition - everybody could paint their own next year! Wait... Dad would probably make me paint his :o)