Saturday, December 1, 2012

Meeting Jolly St. Nick

It is sort of a right of passage to have a photo taken on Santa's lap, especially on your first Christmas. While John wasn't as interested as I was, I made sure this was checked off Sawyer's "firsts" list. Of course, Trina was on board. So we made a date last week to head to get his picture taken. Trina's mom and niece joined us and before we left they gave us some Christmas gifts to celebrate (ornaments, night light, shirt for sawyer and a book). We had a great night of "firsts" and Sawyer didn't even cry in his picture. Success!

Christmas Nightlight
gifts for Sawyer's 1st Christmas
Waiting in line

playing with Trina
What's taking so long?

Kate playing peek a boo while we wait, so sweet!
Bass Pro's Shot
Trina's cell phone shots

Bass Pro's Group Shot
our cell phone group shot, love how Sawyer is looking at Trina
1st Time on a Carousel, even held on himself

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