Monday, December 17, 2012

Sawyer: 10 Months

he was moving of course, so his hand disappeared

SAWYER WALKED! This was definitely the highlight of the past few weeks. He isn’t walking full-time officially but he has taken up to 4 steps not holding on multiple times this weekend. We all had said we thought he would be walking by Christmas and looks like he wanted to prove us right.

I just love his little leg muscles

Stats this month

Weight: 18.5 (that is up 1 pound since his 9 month appointment, yippee!)

Length: 27.5 inches (haven’t measured him since Dec. 6, so he might be longer)

Eating: Still nursing and eating anything and everything in site. Loves finger foods like cheerios, rice krispees, string cheese and bread. He has also tried pizza, pasta, pigs in a blanket and a lollipop. Loved them all. 

Sleeping: His sleep has really improved. Doesn’t wake up in the middle of the night like he was for a while and usually gets between 8-9 hours. His bedtime is 8-8:30 p.m.

Clothing: wears 6-9 months clothes still, 12 months are too long for his little legs.

Diapers: size 3

Some of his artwork from school
Playing: His new trick….talking on the phone. We gave him his own iphone (it is my old one) and he will pretend to have a conversation and even pause like someone is on the other line. He is a great player! Loves the shape sorter and activity table. Also loves balls. He has learned to hide his pacifier and then when he finds it he yells “yaaaa”. He walks all around the house (holding on) playing with different toys, opening and closing cabinets and exploring. He is interested in EVERYTHING!

Talking: “Momma” is definitely the word for the last couple weeks; he tends to go back and forth. He also has little made up conversations while he is playing that sounds like full sentences. He cracks himself up too, which is so adorable.

Teething: He has 4 new additions to his top gums. For a week or so he just had the side canines so he looked like a little vampire but the front two also decided to come in. They aren’t all the way down but in a couple weeks he will have a real smile.

Other developments: Sawyer love to wave and point. My favorite thing is when I get home he points at me and yells with a smile “MOMMA”. He also has starting to shake his head no, and likes to do it a lot!


  1. Ahhh! This entire post made me smile from ear to ear! He is so precious and getting so big. I love hearing his voice and his laugh. And I love seeing him so mobile. He's so smart - he recognizes many words now (if you ask him "where's your ball? duck? cow? grandpa?" etc) he turns and looks for them! He's a problem solver and interested in everything. He has a great memory too! Every time he comes over he reminds me by pointing and "talking" the things he likes to check out when he gets here (the clock, the Christmas tree, the Keurig :o) I love this little guy soooo much!

  2. YEA!!!!! Love these updates!!!