Thursday, December 27, 2012

Sawyer’s First and Many Merry Christmases

Besides the 24 hours sickness that struck John and me, this was a wonderful Christmas. We were able to celebrate with almost every side of the family and Sawyer got to meet many new faces and reunite with family members he only gets to see every once in a while. We had 6 Christmases total starting Saturday Dec. 22 in Arkansas, then to St. Louis and back to Springfield for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. We enjoyed every one of them. He received some amazing toys and clothing. John and I feel very blessed that Sawyer is so loved!!! We feel so fortunate to be so close with all our families and this season reminded us of how important it is to stay in touch and tell your family you love them!! Since it was Sawyer’s 1st  Christmas it was only natural that I take a ton of pictures, so enjoy! And from our family to yours, we hope you all have a Safe and Happy New Year!!

New tradion of Christmas T-shirts at John's family's
Playing with all his new toys with dad
Sawyer sharing his new table with his cousin Chase
Tam from Scotland from his cousin Erin
Opening his present from Cousin Meghan
The Engel cousins
Glow balls from Grandma & Papa Engel
More balls from mommy and daddy
Christmas morning with John and me
Keepsake & Boots from his Great Grandfather all the way from Florida
Christmas Day with Papa
Christmas Day at my parents house
Block wagon from his Great Grandparents 
Riding in his block wagon
Ate a ton of Turkey Christmas day 
Hamra Men - 4 generations

Hamra Family Christmas 

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  1. Overall it was a wonderful first Christmas, wasn't it? Love you guys!