Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Year 2.....going strong


John and I celebrate our 2nd year of marriage today!! Last year we celebrated with me being about 9 months pregnant unaware that our son would be entering the world in just 3 short weeks. This year we have an almost one year old and our life together is the best it has ever been after 13 years together. I am so happy with how parenthood has strengthened our relationship and taught us how to love each other even when we are going on 1 hour of sleep and covered in spit up and snot. We have learned that you have to be unselfish or you just won't survive and that sweating the small stuff only makes life harder. Seeing John as a father has made me love him even more as a husband, I love his sensitive side and the way he gleams when Sawyer says "dada".  John had planned a surprise trip for us this weekend to Branson to celebrate, unfortunately I found out we were going but am still unaware of the details. I can't wait for our little getaway.

John - thanks for all the support, love and laughter, for making me love everyday together and look forward to many more years hand in hand. We have so many more amazing memories to make and I just can't wait!
Love you dearly!
Sawyer at 4 days old, one of our happiest moments yet.
First look
First Dance as husband and wife.
Best Day Ever!!

Our Honeymoon in Cabo

Engagement Photos 
Never a dull moment


  1. Happy anniversary to 2 of my favorite people!!!! I am still so happy that I was a party of your day just 2 years ago!!! Love you both!!

  2. Trina you were a part of it and a "party" to it :o) Congrats honey! I love you guys!