Monday, February 4, 2013

SUC training: Week 3

Week 2 went really well, yesterday was probably the first day I just didn't feel motivated to go to the gym because we went out Saturday night.  BUT I still went, sore legs and all and ran. I felt really great afterwards.

My cross training this week was body combat & zumba. It was my first time doing zumba (well I did it once like 6 years ago but it was really different) and it was really fun. I sweated alot and could tell it was working some new areas. I didn't feel like I worked AS hard as I usually do so next time I will probably run afterwards.

Week 3 Plan:
Sunday: Interval running for 35 minutes
Monday: Interval running for 35 minutes, abs, push ups and lunges
Tuesday: Off Day
Wednesday: Cross Training (TBD)
Thursday: Interval running for 35 minutes. Weights & abs
Friday: Cross Training (TBD)
Saturday: Off day, heading to Mizzou for the Ole Miss basketball game!

Springfield Urban Warrior Challenge's Facebook page is great because they post workouts and motivational images. I really liked these posts this week and wanted to share....

As a new mom this is a MUST!

I am hoping this is how I feel after our Race

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