Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Eyes in Disguise

Tim & Megan Johnson were kind enough to invite John and myself to Eyes in Disguise benefiting the Kitchen (http://www.thekitcheninc.org/) this past weekend at the Diamond Room. A place very near to our hearts since it was where we had our wedding reception. The party was a Mardi Gras Theme with traditional cajun cuisine and featured Members Only. We had such a fun time, especially with the abundance of awesome masks and John getting to show off his awesome dance moves. Thanks to Donnetta for staying with Sawyer, we love you!!

Sawyer getting lots of attention while we head out
All fancy for a night out
The fun begins
Julie & Josh
Megan's mask is AMAZING!! 
Love them!!
Our favorite caterer Patty with Simply Delicious.

And another mask
And another one....
John's over-sized wine glass
John trying to one-up the other John
Love the the finger up!

Just hanging out holding hands, thats what friends do 
My favorite mask of the night!!
Megan found another awesome mask too!

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