Monday, February 18, 2013

SUC training: Week 5

With each new challenge they reveal, I get more excited!!

This week was WAY better than the previous week. My knees felt so much better. I decided to do some experimenting with all the different shoes I own (I have way to many pairs of running shoes) to see if it made a difference on my knee pain, and it sure did. Surprisingly, the shoe I thought would be the worst (Nike Air Max) because of how heavy they are, were the best. I guess the extra cushion helped my knee. My Reebok Flex were terrible even though they are so light, they killed my knees. I even ran my fasted 3 miles of training Friday with an 8 mile an hour pace. I did Pump Thursday and it was great! I have really missed it! I wasn't too sore, so next time I plan to add more weight.

Week 5 Plan:
No more interval running, this week it is two-3 mile runs and one-4 mile run. With about 6 weeks left of training, I think I am right on track with to be able to run the full 12K. My main goal is to work on my strength & . This week for my cross training I am going to do Body Combat Wednesday and plan to do a class Friday evening also.

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