Sunday, February 17, 2013

Sawyer: 12 Months

Sneak peak at Sawyer's 1 Year Session
He wasn't a fan of cake to our surprise.

Here is a recap of all his monthly photos this past year

At 3:59 p.m. today, we will officially have a 1 year old!!!! Fastest year of my life! When I think about the day we first laid eyes on Sawyer I get very emotional like it was so long ago. I went through and looked through all his first photos, videos and blog posts yesterday and was in awe at how different he looks. He has become a little man full of personality. I am proud to say I made my goal of nursing for a full year!!! This is probably the most rewarding/fufilling goals I have ever completed. There were times I didn’t think we would make it but I would pray about it and we would keep on truckin’. I started weaning him last week with cutting out his lunch feeding, this was extremely difficult….for me. Sawyer did great, I had issues not seeing him during the day. We both are more adjusted now and this week we will start cutting out the harder feedings of morning and bedtime. This is his comfort time so I am sure it will be a few days of tears.

Best moment of my life!

If you feel like reminiscing with are a couple posts from when he arrived:

Stats this month

Loves to kiss now

Weight: 21, we are no longer worried he is too skinny…this boy has chunked up!

Length: 30 inches (we think, will find out Monday at his 1 year checkup)

Eating: Still Nursing!!! But only 2 feedings a day, and this will soon go to 1 and then 0. He is also now drinking organic whole milk to replace the breast milk and eats everything we eat.  New foods he has tried are Grapefruit (loves) and watermelon (not a fan, yet)

Sleeping: Still a great sleeper. Sleeps 9-10 hours a night and loves to take really long weekend naps (2-3 hrs). At school he is only now taking 1 nap for about an hour. And this week we moves from a crib to a cot at school.

Clothing: Wearing 9-12 month clothes, still a little long but looks much better. Moved up to size 5 shoe. Can still fit some of his 4s.

Diapers: size 4

Playing: Has started to enjoy playing by himself and he will talk to his toys, it is adorable. He loves to run and throw balls and climb stairs! Getting really good at his shape sorter by finding the right shapes for the right spots. I love when he grabs a book and brings it too me to read to him, he will sit down for about one page and then he is off again. My favorite new trick he does is blowing raspberries on my belly. He will pull up my shirt and blow until he makes noise, it is hilarious!

Talking: He has been saying all types of new words. New words are “bye, bye”, "clap" and “duck”. He sometimes sounds like he is trying to say “grandma” and “grandpa”. He has full conversations in baby talk with inflection, you can tell he is listening to how we talk. He also sings, expecially in church during the hymns.

Teething: Sawyer still has 6 but I spotted a new one on the bottom to the right of his other 2.

Other developments: He has started to clap and even says "clap, clap" (see video). He even clapped the other day when my mom picked him up from school. He has started waving bye bye too. He is running and walking everywhere. Just last night John and I would say "stomp, stomp" and he would stomp like he is marching.  He also loves to kiss, he will grab your face and try to kiss you, I love it! This morning when I asked "where's your belly", he  grabbed his belly...he also located my belly!

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  1. Man what a year of accomplishments! Grandma and Grandpa E are so proud of our big boy and we love him very much!