Monday, March 11, 2013

SUC training: Week 8

We are down to 4 weeks left and has really flown by. I feel much more prepared physically and mentally than I was when I accepted this challenge.
Running is going good besides some of the normal aches and pains. I did my first trail run Saturday and the 5 miles seemed easier than I expected. It was beautiful weather and I felt like I could have kept running. I woke up sunday with terrible calf cramps but I think that is just from the change in terrain. I ran again last night and they worked themselves out about mile 2.

Week 8 Plan:
This week I do interval runs for 3 days: run 17 minutes, walk 1 minute (repeat 3 times). I did this last night and the distance was just under 6 miles.
I plan to do pump thursday and then Saturday I am meeting with my group for the Cox SUC training class from 9 am - 11 am. I am excited to get to practice with our team!!

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