Thursday, April 4, 2013

Social Media's Imperfect Pictures

I saw an article today that I just had to share:

I love Social media, it helps me stay connected to friend & family near and far but sometimes it becomes overwhelming. I really love Instagram being a new mom, but I know sometimes I should just put the camera down and enjoy life as it is happening. We are in an age of over sharing, I am guilty of that for sure. But I do try to be as real as I can be. Yes, it is easier to share the pretty side of life but through my blog I also try to show the realistic side of my life with some of my posts.  My wonderful husband might be the last person on Earth to not have Facebook and he has never wanted one. I think it is great he doesn't have it because I can see how it can consume people and make you feel like you aren't as adequate. So some food for thought on this fine thursday, next time you are posting that picture, does it really represent you or the filtered for social media version? This is something I am going to try and be mindful of after reading this article.

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