Monday, June 17, 2013

Sawyer: 16 Months

Sawyer in all his glory

This month was all about Sawyer using his voice and boy does he have one! He loves to be included in all our conversations whether it be by him whispering, singing, yelling or humming. His voice is so adorable and I am so impressed with all the words he knows and says. As you can see from the photos, Sawyer's hair is getting very long. We still haven't cut it and want to wait as long as possible but it is starting to get in his eyes. 


Weight: 26.5 ( hasn't changed according to the scale but he sure does feel heavier)
Length: 31 inches (still the same since last month too even though he looks taller)

Legs are getting longer, starting to hang off his car seat
Eating:  He has started to voice an opinion when it comes to his food choices. In the past he would eat almost anything now he knows by the way something looks if he will eat it or not. If he doesn't like it he will spit it out and make a funny face. His favorites right now are fruit snacks and any sort of carb. He is weary of meats so it is starting to be a struggle to get him protein. We have turned to cottage cheese and peanut butter for that.

Sleeping: Still sleeping great averaging 10-11 hours a night. Naps during the day have been a little shorter during the week but still long on the weekends.

Clothing18-24 months

Diapers: size 4
Swimming with Grandpa
Playing: Running, sliding, jumping....he is super active. He is starting to love to swim again, he even was jumping off the side in Hot Springs this last weekend. Another new fascination is with BUGS, he loves to pick them up and look at them really close. We are trying to teach him not to 1)eat them and 2) squeeze them. We haven't succeeded yet. He also has taken a liking to bike rides, we got him a bike seat a few weeks ago and he loves them!

These two are so sweet together
Talking: I like to say he has reached his vocab explosion stage because he repeats and tries to say just about everything. Sometimes it is just him imitating the infliction/syllables of a statement like "Turtle Where are you?" becomes "Earl Air R OO". He loves to say "Hi" to every single person we pass, it is adorable. He has also mastered "Grandpa". He has learned to say "Please More" with his words and in sign language. My new favorite thing he says is "Love you". He also knows how to blow kisses.
His teacher sent me this and said "Just chilling on the floor"
"Now everyone has to do it!" ....Guess he is already a leader :) 

Teething: 10 official teeth but about 4 more that are about to pop through (we can see them but don't feel them).

We'll spare you the visual but he was even impressed.

Potty Training: SAWYER POOPED IN THE POTTY! His wonderful Grandma Donnetta bought him his very own potty seat this weekend (stay tuned for a "Ooh I Love that" Post about the potty we picked) and first thing he does when we let him sit on it was POOP. Of course, we aren't potty training him yet, but by all our cheering and clapping he knows what it is used for. 

Other developments: This boy loves to dance! We attending John's family reunion this weekend and he cut a rug on the dance floor for the first time. It was so intuitive for him too, he definitely takes after his daddy. Here are some videos from the reunion of Mr. Sawyer showing his moves.

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  1. In the second video it looks like he's trying to step on the lights shining on the dance floor :o) He's such a cutie pie - he entertains us every minute. Love him so much!!