Thursday, June 13, 2013

The Johnson's new addition

I have honestly been bursting at the seams to post this blog! Our best friends Tim & Megan are expecting their first child and are finally sharing the news. Today was the big gender ultrasound. While the road to parenthood has been a little bumpier than they anticipated (read Megan's & Tim's journey here), they are finally able to smile and enjoy their little baby GIRL. We couldn't be happier for them and are pumped for Sawyer to grow up with Little Miss J! Trina, John and I were able to surprise them at the ultrasound today with some cookies & balloons. I think we might have been more nervous that she was as we waiting downstairs to surprise them. My guess was girl, Trina guessed boy, John didn't really make an official guess. We had made Megan tell us by biting the side of the cookie with either pink or blue. If you remember, Trina & Megan, surprised me at my gender ultrasound in October of 2011 with balloons too and they completely surprised me (read post here). We wanted to make sure we did something special to honor this big day. We love you all so much!!

My awesome co-worker Lauren created the cookies for the big surprise
waiting patiently & anxiously 
My guess: GIRL
Trina's guess: BOY
John's guess: BOTH?
keeping an eye on the elevator for Megan & Tim 
So what's in that envelope?
100% GIRL
look at her adorable profile, what a beauty!
they're beaming!
Us four girls!!

THROWBACK: My gender appointment in October of 2011

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  1. I am so happy for them! I've always been partial to little girls. :o) Sawyer of course has made me realize just how wonderful and sweet little boys are too - love that little sweetheart! But I do love my girls!!