Monday, July 1, 2013

First trip to Silve Dollar City

Sawyer got to take his first trip to Silver Dollar City yesterday for his Aunt Rachel's birthday. We didn't get a lot of pictures just because we were so busy. The new Outlaw Run wooden roller coaster is amazing, highly recommend. At 16 stories, they say it is the 2nd fastest wooden coaster in the United States! Sawyer got to ride the train and the Great American Shootout but he was still a little small for most of the kids rides. He had his first funnel cake and Grandma even got him a train whistle and pop gun. It was a great day!!

Wild Fire. You can't really tell but John & Rachel are in the back row
He loved riding on dad's shoulders
Powder Keg. John is so thrilled

Riding the train

watching the waterfall


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  1. It was a perfect day! Sawyer was such a good boy and what a trooper. I think Rachel had fun - she got to ride all the roller coasters :o)