Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Ooh I like that: Sprout Snacks, Veggie Crumbles and 3-in-1 Trike

Healthy Snacks + Cute packaging!
I know I promised an "Ooh I like that" post that wasn't food related..sorry I sort of lied! These two things are too good not to share. But don't worry, I also have a new toy to rave on.

Healthy Snacks from Sprout

My mom stumbled about the company Sprout through Facebook and decided to order some of their snacks and meals online for Sawyer to try. We haven't tried all the options she got yet but he has fallen in love with their little snack pouches of fruit and yogurt bites. They are all natural with no artificial ingredients or coloring. They have some really unique flavors too. His favorite is the Purple Berry & Carrot, I tried them and they are delicious.

Smile-inducing snacks!
BUY IT HERE: About $4.99 for 8 packages

Eat Your Veggies...and protein!

As you may know, I don't eat red meat. I plan to expose Sawyer to all types of food so I try not to limit him to just what I eat. BUT on this particular occasion I wanted him to try a new product I found called "Yves Good Ground: Veggie Ground". I heated them up in a skillet with 2 eggs, milk & cheese (sort of like a breakfast scramble). It was yummy! I have to admit, it looked disgusting but the taste was great. Sawyer even liked it! The package is equal to 1 pound of ground beef and is low calorie but high protein. I plan to use it in spaghetti, for meatballs, and even in Hamburger Helper. The Sky is the limit.
Might not look too appetizing but it sure tastes good.

BUY IT HERE: It was about $3.50 at Walmart but on their website there is a bunch of other places
you can purchase it as well: http://www.yvesveggie.com/products/store-locator.php

Sawyer's 1st Trike

our little biker
We love to ride bikes and we figured it was about time to get Sawyer's his own little bike. We had seen a Little Tikes trike when we were at Silver Dollar City and it looked so cool! When I researched them online they were a pretty pricey, but to my surprise about a week later they were on zulily.com on sale. His sweet Grandparents decided to get it for him. The great thing about this trike is it is adjustable to different age groups starting at 12 months and adjust until they are independent riders.
Stage 1-Guided- For a parent to push and control-When the blue waist bar is installed the child will be unable to turn the wheel
Stage 2- Learning- Kids can learn how to pedal and turn with parents help
Stage 3- Independent- The push bar is removed for kids to go on their own with parent supervision

The 3-point harness keeps them secure as they learn to ride. One of my favorite features is the UV protective shade canopy. It even protected Sawyer from the rain when we were at the zoo. I can't wait to see Sawyer learn to use it on his own, he already loves to ride in it. I will warn you it takes a little bit to assembly, I would recommend hiding it from your little one until it is completely assembled because Sawyer threw a fit waiting!

BUY IT HERE: Original price is about $109 but you can get it on sale if you look. http://www.littletikes.com/kids-toys/3-in-1-trike-with-deluxe-accessories-blue

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