Monday, July 22, 2013

Weekend in Pictures: baby kicks, playgrounds & the zoo

Feeling Megan's little girl kick for the first time, is definitely something I will never forget
The most exciting part of my weekend had to be that I got to finally feel my bestie's baby, Little Miss J, (as I affectionately call her) kick!! I remember to the day (October 1, 2011, I was 18 weeks) when my bestie Megan got to feel Sawyer for the first time. She felt him before John did! We were out shopping at Baglady Boutique for 417 Boutique Week, she was buying him his first pair of socks! I'll never forget it. Well last night, during our Dexter watch party, Megan's sweet little girl was quite active and was kicking almost the entire show. I think she liked the peaches we were snacking on. Another Bestie moment I will never forget.
Besides baby kicks, we also had a fun weekend of playgrounds & visiting the zoo.
Friday night snack.....doesn't every one eats Raisins like this?
loves to climb on everything!
Friday Night at the Eugene Field Park/Playground
This playground has a turkey & a duck!
a little football basketball!
Run, Sawyer, Run!
Saturday morning cartoons, this is the first time he actually watched them.

Saturday night we went back for more playground fun!
Sunday trip to the zoo
stare-off with a Peacock
Woah, look at that tongue.

Giraffe kisses!!!!

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