Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Trina's St. Louis Birthday Celebration

Trina is one year older and we couldn't let this day pass without honoring our best friend. The Birthday Girl, Time, Megan, John and I headed to St. Louis for a couple days of fun*. We met up with our friends Stephanie and Eric who live in STL. We caught a Cardinals game Thursday evening and then went out after to Paddy-O's (John got his dance on, see amazing video below). Friday, we visited the City Museum. This place is amazing, I highly recommend it. It is basically a big play ground for kids or adults. Huge slides, tunnels, caves and even a ball pit. Pictures do not do it justice. Happy Birthday Trina, hope you had a wonderful time. We love you!
* props to my parents for keeping Sawyer for us!!
had to Ice the birthday girl
We made it to St. Louis
Trina pondering on her birthday
No biggie, just two friends holding hands in the window
Hooter's Pre-Game


Megan almost 26 weeks!! Looking adorable!
The girls
The boys
hug it out!
Paddy-O's Post Game

And then John danced:

Beautiful view on our walk back to the hotel

City Museum

Does John seriously think he can get through that?!

John and I climbing to the top

Up on the Roof, you can see the tunnel and a slide
10-story spiral slide to the bottom
Waiting for the slide
Looking from the bottom up to the top of the slide. 
Massive Ball Pit

Scariest part ever!
See John at the very top
There he is above everything
Tim and I in one of the tunnels
In the caves.


  1. Awwww, I love this! I had one of the bestest birthdays ever!!!! Thanks for a super fun trip! LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!