Thursday, August 1, 2013

O'Reilly Fun Fest

I have worked with O'Reilly for 4-1/2 years and this was the first time I have been able to attend their Annual Company picnic called "Fun Fest". They go all out!! This year was at Jordan Valley Park and there was iceskating, tons of inflatables, water slides, karaoke, carnival games, bbq and the day ended with a Springfield Cardinals Game. We spent the whole day there and Sawyer had a blast. He got to ice skate for the first time and loved it. It was also nice for my dad to get to skate, he had missed it since not playing hockey for a couple years.  The fountains at Jordan Valley were also a huge hit! Sawyer ended up completely drenched! He also managed to get stuck (by choice) in one of the inflatable mazes for a good 15 minutes until a little girl went in and helped him out (I would have but they would let me). We didn't get home until around 10 and Sawyer was pooped! We are already looking forward to next years!
Tiny little skates (size 6) - smallest they carry
All set!

Inflatable maze
Hi Guys!
He didn't want to come out
Finally decides to make his way out with this little girls help 

Freeze Pop #2

Snacks with Grandpa

Walking to the game
Look at that face!


  1. He was quite a trooper - good all day, played hard even when we got to the Springfield Cards game. He had fun playing in their play area too! Is it okay if I tag ORLY on your blog? I think it's a great account of what an awesome Fun Fest they had this year!

    1. I don't mind at all. It was such a fun event!!