Monday, July 15, 2013

Weekend in pictures: Ball of the Wild, Cousins & Ear infections.

Isn't that a nice combo of a weekend :) We always seem to have a random mixture of things going on and this weekend was no different.

Friday afternoon was spent with another trip to the doctor because Sawyer can't seem to shake his ear infections. After an antibiotic shot, Tylenol and a long nap, he is on the mend. My parents were sweet enough to hang with our sick boy as we went to The Zoo's Ball of the Wild fundraiser at Drury's O'Reilly Family Event Center. Trina, brought her friend Andrea who just moved from Dallas. This was her first time out in Springfield. As always, Ball of the Wild did not disappoint (besides the fact they ran out of almost all the food before we got to eat). The band, Party Planet, was great...the lead singer is from Kool and the Gang!!

Saturday was mostly a lounging day, with a visit to the new Farmer's Market with my mom and pool time. Sawyer took an extra long nap, still trying to get feeling better. We decided to grab dinner and stay in.

Sunday, we took a trip to Branson to visit with Kaiden, Cindie and Rob. We did a little outlet mall shopping and had lunch. Sawyer was excited to see his cousin!

I don't feel good but at least I get to play at the doctors!
John and me at Ball of the Wild
Andrea, me, John and Trina
Miles & John were SOOO excited to see each other
Zanzibar was the theme with African music

Andrea and Trina
My new friend Andrea!!!

We love Trina!
Andrea, Trina, me and Katie
Uncle John with Kaiden
Sawyer looking after his cousin
John and Sawyer's faces are priceless

Sawyer was starting to feel much better by sunday night!


  1. Love that pic of John and Sawyer and the baby. So funny!

    1. That is my favorite too!! He was trying to squeeze him and John was getting so nervous!

  2. I love your dress Kari! All the pictures are really cute - especially the 3 guys - Sawyer excited, John nervous and Kaiden not too sure what to think about his older cousin yet... :o)