Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Sawyer: 17 Months

New trike!
I can't believe Sawyer is 17 months, I had to keep reminding myself because it just doesn't seem real. This past month has been a real struggle with keeping him healthy because of his double ear infections. We go back Monday to follow up and see if we will have to make a visit with Ear, Nose and Throat. Fingers crossed we don't. His language has grown by leaps and bounds! He is such a happy & loving boy, we are truly blessed! Monday July 15, we celebrated his baptism birthday too....can't believe it's been a year!


Length: 31.5 inches
his new Trike from Grandma & Grandpa

Eating:  Tends to eat one big meal a day and then snack the rest of the day. His favorite things are raisins, bread, bananas, pizza and any sort of dessert (go figure). He has gotten really good at feeding himself with both his left and right hand, sure not sure if he is a righty or a lefty yet.

Sleeping: Same as last month, sleep averaging 10-11 hours a night. Naps during the day have been a little shorter during the week but still long on the weekends.

Loves to play blocks with dad

Clothing18-24 months

Diapers: size 4
cutting the grass!

Playing: His new thing is "tackling", probably not the best thing to have taught him but John really wants him to play football. He runs and tackles you and yells "TACKLE", pretty cute. Still loves swimming, running, riding bikes and especially loves his water table (thanks Megan & Tim), lawn mower, his new trike and building with Mega Blocks.

Teething: Working on 14 with some others popping through, poor guy!

Talking: This boy can talk! He repeats everything and if he can't say it he hums it with the same inflection. He is very polite and says please and thank you. If very good and saying names almost completely clear. Here are the names he says: Kari, John, Grandma, Grandpa, Cindy, Rob, Amie, Rachel, Megan, Tim, Trina, Clara, Kaiden, Tori, Sally, Linda, Madison, Jake and Penny. Probably the funniest thing he did relating to names is one night we were going through our names and we wanted to make sure he knew John and my real names. We asked him where John was and he pointsed to John.  But when we asked him where Kari was he didn't know. John said "I think I know why" and said "Where is Babe?", immediately he pointed to me. Guess John is going to have to stop calling me "Babe" before he can tell his friends what his mom's name is. Ha! He is now very good at saying Kari!
let's get it started

Potty Training: Less interested this month but still likes to sit on it and try. I figured it was probably a phase since the potty was new!

Loves his new water table

Other developments:  He has grown into quite the compassionate soul which makes me extremely proud. While he is a typical rough and tumble boy, he feels genuinely bad when he hurts someone. If you start to cry (or pretend cry) he will come over and hug and kiss you. The most adorable example is the other night at dinner when he broke my mom's necklace. He could tell something was wrong when he did it and his lip started quivering and tears ran down his face. It was the sweetest thing I have ever seen. If he could talk, I just know he would have said "I am so sorry Grandma, I didn't mean to". It took a good 5 minutes to make him feel better. What a sweetie!

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  1. Such a sweet big boy! We're so proud of him and love him soooo much!