Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Weekend in Pictures: Independence Day at Thousand Hills

With the 4th of July being on a Thursday this year, we celebrated Independence day a couple days late by heading to Branson for a weekend at Thousand Hills Condos. It was perfect besides the air conditioning going out!  But we made due through the heat with box fans and a nice swimming pool. We spent most of the time there in the awesome back patio that overlooked the golf course. It had a nice breeze and was a perfect napping spot. Sawyer spent the majority of the weekend shirtless to stay cool. Saturday, we took Sawyer on the Branson Scenic Railroad with my parents and John's mom and step-dad. He enjoyed looking out at the scenery but about half way through the 1 hr. 45 min. ride, him and daddy zonked out. Saturday night, Auntie Amie got to join us at the Wheelhouse Catfish & Wings Sports Bar for dinner and to watch their band. Sawyer loved it so much, he fell asleep again! We headed home late sunday after some shopping. We were pretty surprised to find out that Sawyer's ear infection came back, he had trouble sleeping Friday night at the condo and then was pulling on his ear a little but besides that, acted totally normal. We went ahead and took him to the doc Monday and they put him back on antibiotics. Poor little guy, he was quite the trooper.
Info on Branson Hills Golf Resort Condos: http://www.thousandhills.com/
Info on the Branson Scenic Railroad: http://www.bransontrain.com/
Friday evening, checking out the digs for the weekend
A little pizza when we arrived.
Shirtless was the best way to go for the boys!
Sawyer passed out from the cool breeze on the patio.
Fun little lofted bedroom at the condo
Breakfast Saturday morning before we headed to the pool
Swimming with Grandma
Sunbathing with Grandpa
Enjoying watching golfers in his birthday suit
Getting ready to board the Branson Scenic Railroad
The Dome Cars had the best seat in the house
Already looking sleepy from the ride
Great views from the bridges of Arkansas

And they're out
Fun day with Grandma & Grandpa Nelms
I just love his face in this pic! You can tell he just woke up

Dinner  & Drinks Saturday night at the Wheel House, waiting for the band to start
So relaxed he had to put his feet up.
Excited to play with his popper when we got back Sunday.

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