Monday, July 8, 2013

Ooh I like that: Famer's Market Finds

Crusts from Color My World Farms
This isn't a typical "Ooh I like that" post. I am venturing away from the kids products to some yummy Farmer's Market items I've recently tried from Farmer's Market of the Ozarks. Don't worry I will be back on kids products next week. For more info on the Farmer's Market of the Ozarks visit their site here:

It was like they were made for each other


This is not the first time I have picked up a bag of Granolove Granola from the Farmer's market BUT it is the first time I have mixed it with my morning yogurt. It was actually my mom's idea and it is amazing. My favorite is to mix the Moka Java with Chobani Black Cherry Greek Yogurt, it is made with coffee beans so it is a perfect morning pick-me-up (same amount of caffeine as 2 cups of coffee, yes please!) I love Granolove because it is very low in sugar and I recognize all the ingredients. You can find it at HyVee and Pricecutter but it is about $1 cheaper at the Farmer's Market for the large and small size. I think I might try it in some frozen yogurt next, yum!
You can also learn more and buy it here:

Pre-topping crust made with Vidalia Onions, Sweet Peppers, Italian Herbs,
Garlic and Asiago Cheese

Pizza Crust Heaven

I could eat pizza anyday of the week, so when my mom and I came across the artisan pizza crusts from Color My World Farm we were dying to try them. They are made with different herbs, spices and cheese and all you have to do is add your own sauces, meats and cheese and bake and you have your own fancy little pizza. The sky's the limit on toppings too, you can even pick up some veggies/meats while you are at the Farmer's Market and dinner is ready!
My mom decided to pick up a couple to try for our last Family Night.  Here's how she topped them: She got a roasted chicken from the grocery store and shredded up the white meat only. On the Vidalia onion crust, she brushed it lightly with ranch dressing, spread hot buffalo cheese dip from the deli, added half the shredded chicken and sliced green onions and topped with shredded mozzarella.  On the herb and garlic crust, she brushed it with store bought alfredo sauce, topped it with shredded chicken, sliced black olives and shredded mozzarella. They both baked for about 12 minutes right on the oven rack.
They were nice and crispy, we can't wait to try the other flavors!
They are $7 each.
Learn more about Color My World Farms here:

Sawyer kept himself busy while the pizza's were cooking

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  1. I'm ready to get some more of those pizza crusts - I'm excited to try some other combinations! And the Granolove Granola is delish in every flavor of Chobani :o)