Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Elliot's Baby Shower: Oh! The Places She'll Go!

The Beautiful Mother-to-be

My best friend Megan is having a baby!!! Ah! It is still is so exciting to say. It was my pleasure to be able to plan & co-host a baby shower for her and her soon to arrive daughter, Elliot Ann, this past weekend with the help of 4 other wonderful ladies, Amanda, Trina, Ashley & Josey. We came up with the theme "Welcome to the World, Oh! The Places She'll Go!" based on Megan's nursery decor of old maps/globes.  We love the Dr. Seuss book so thought it tied in nicely and would make a great Guest Book at the shower for her guests to leave messages for Elliot. The menu was based on popular food items from different countries which we marked with their flags (that was a fun brainstorming session). The decor was DIY projects made from Atlases and maps and the "take-home" was home-made fortune cookies with thank you notes inside. We had so much fun at our craft nights prepping prior to the shower. We had the guests write notes on diapers for Megan & Tim to have when they are on late-night diaper duty. Megan read them aloud, which was hilarious! We also played the "clothespin game", where each guest had 3 clothes pins and if they were caught saying the word "cute" at all during the shower, they had to give one up. The person with the most clothespins at the end won (Congrats to Darlene, nice work!). It was so much harder than we thought to not say that word!

Only 9 short weeks until Elliot arrives and I think she is well prepared with all the amazing items she received. Thank you everyone for coming and supporting Megan & Tim on this spectacular journey into parenthood. Special thanks to Trina for volunteering to have the shower at her new home!


custom made envelope seals (Etsy again)

cute straws I found on Etsy (of course)
banner prep

learning how to make Fortune Cookies
Modge Podging, garland circle cutting and wreath creation
garland circles cut out of maps and Fortune Cookie messages
Trina and my's attempt at pastry making


Diaper Messages
Oh! The Places You'll Go - Guest Book
Messages for Elliot
Clothespin Game

Food from around the World!

Sweets Table
home made Fortune Cookies
personalized messages inside
Megan with her hostesses - Josey, Me, Trina, Ashley and Amanda
We love Elliot!!!!
Reading the funny Diaper Messages
The hostesses
Elliot received lots of new books

Megan with her Mother-in-law and Mother
Megan and Me
Trina with her mother Darlene 
Megan with her Friend Katie who she has known since she was little

Megan and Trina
Trina and me

Straws: Dandelion Design Studio (http://www.etsy.com/shop/TheDandelionDesign)
Envelope Seals: Studio Treats (http://www.studiotreats.com/)
Invitations/Signage: Designed by Kari Hamra (www.hamratime.com), printed through overnightprints.com


  1. Thanks again so much for showering me and miss Elliot! She is so loved already :) xoxo

    1. We can't wait to meet her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. You are so welcome! We are so honored to be a part of this special time in your life. Love you!!!

  2. Great job with the blog post, friend! :) I had so much fun with you ladies planning this fun shower!!!

    1. Thanks Trina!!!! What a great time and thanks for opening up your home!

  3. Thanks for having me at such an adorable celebration of God's precious little one Elliot. Can't wait to meet her!

  4. Kari,
    I love love your design for the suitcase invitations. Did you design those? If so I would love to order some for a shower I am hosting in Nov. I have plenty of time, but love your design. Please contact me for more info. lovelyladycakes@yahoo.com

    Thanks so much,
    Anna O'Steen

    1. Hi Anna,
      I sent you an email from my home account. Thanks for contacting me!!