Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Sawyer's 18 Month Check-up

Playing until the doctor came in

I got so busy with shower planning and John heading back to school,  I forgot to post an update after Sawyer's 18 month Doctor's visit last week. Everything looked great, plus he didn't have to get any shots! His ears are finally all cleared up too, only ailment now is his darn allergies! Next visit isn't until he is 2, wow that seems so far away (but really only 6 months).

Height: 33 inches - 68.4 percentile
Weight 29 pounds - 93.60 percentile
Head: 18.82 inches - 60.62 percentile
Vocabulary: She had me write out all the word he has said and I couldn't even fit them on the page. By 2 years of age, they want children saying at least 50 words and a few 2-word combinations. Well, Sawyer blew that out of the water and I am so proud.

His ever-expanding vocabulary list...couldn't fit it all on so I stopped.

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