Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Sawyer: 19 Months

Another month down and that much closer to being a 2 year old. He sure does already act like one. Tantrums are in full force and he voices his opinion on the daily. He has become speaking in sentences and is great at following directions. He has also starting saying "bye bye mommy, love you" in the morning when I drop him off. He almost pushes me out the door. I love sending him to a place he loves so much!



Length: 33 inches

Eating:  Becoming very picky. He eats one big meal a day and picks at the rest. His favorites are the same as last month. He ate a salmon burger the other day and liked it but it didn't seem to sit too well in his stomach. 

We have Mommy/Sawyer Saturdays...he is so sweet!

Sleeping: Still a great sleeper, averaging 10-11 hours a night. Naps during the day have been a little shorter during the week but still long on the weekends. Also still consistently falling asleep at lunch.

Clothing18-24 months in pants and 2T in shirts. Size 6 shoes.

Diapers: size 5

Sawyer with Rocco, This is how he poses for pictures now :)

Playing: Turning into a sports-fanatic. Loves baseball, basketball and football and just got his first Hockey set (thanks Aunt Jules & Uncle Scott). Anything outdoors or that involves running/climbing he wants to do. But on an opposite note, his current favorite activity is reading. He will sit and read with me for hours (no lie). His favorite books are Goodnight Moon, There's a Wocket in my Pocket, The Foot Book, Spot and Little Blue Truck.

he'll hang from anything he can find
Teething:  All the teeth he will have until his 2 molars. 

Talking: He is an amazing talker, I must brag on him for a bit! They tested him at school and he tested in language at 26 months!! Last night the parents as teachers lady came to do his 18 month screening and was very impressed with his development since she saw him last spring. He got perfect scored on all categories and he even showed off a bit with his language. He has also learned his whole name and understands the differences between hot, cold and warm. He loves seeing his shadow when we play outside and will say "Hi Shadow" and wave at it.
Some of his new impressive word combos:
"I don't like that"
"In a minute"
"I'm excited!"
"Airplane, Chicago"
"where are you"

18 month Screening Results!!!

Potty Training: Still sits on it but not really that interested

Other developments:  Still hasn't used a pacifier (mimi) and hasn't seemed to noticed. He is quite the tantrum thrower and we are trying to figure out ways to handle these (yes we will take suggestions). He has started to hit when he gets overly tired and most reactions from us just make him laugh. He does still feel bad after a while and will hug and kiss to make us feel better.

The Glow Run last weekend, Sawyer 1st Official 5K

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  1. I think you need to start saying "height" instead of "length" now - that boy doesn't lay down unless he's asleep :o) He is definitely smart, strong and good looking! I love his sense of humor, his kind heart and his converational abilities. Not that I'm biased or anything but I think he might be a genius :o)