Friday, September 13, 2013

Sawyer's First Flight

I was very very anxious when we first booked our trip to Chicago, I knew this would be the first time Sawyer would step foot on an airplane and this scared me! I am a nervous flyer, I usually try to sleep but with a toddler this would not be an option. This trip was planned to celebrate my 31st birthday, our friend Jon's wedding and to visit with my Aunt Ruthie and Uncle Steve who live in Chicago. So I made some little treats for our fellow fliers to bribe them a little in case Sawyer got out of hand. We brought his rolling backpack while he didn't let go of all weekend!
On the agenda....Fly in Saturday afternoon, wedding Saturday night (Sawyer got to hang with my parents, Ruth & Steve), Bears Game Sunday afternoon with Chicago Pizza for dinner after the game, Monday was a visit to Shedd's Aquarium followed by the Wrigley Field Tour and dinner at Pilot Pete's. Tuesday  was a trip to IKEA and lunch at Rainforest Cafe before we headed back to Springfield. When we got to Springfield we stopped for Sushi & Andy's to celebrate my birthday. It was so much fun and I am happy to announce Sawyer did AMAZING on the plane and the whole weekend for that matter. He was a rockstar. My favorite memory from the trip was during the Wrigley Tour. It was the end of the tour and as we were saying goodbye to the Tour Guide, Sawyer looked at him and in his deep intense voice he looked write at him and said "GO CARDINALS"...without hesitation the tour guide looked at Sawyer and said "Get out!". It was hilarious! Those cub fans sure don't like Cardinals fans no matter how old they are.  I took a ton of photos so here are just a few of my favorites. You can check out all the pictures on my photo share site here:
Thanks to my Aunt & Uncle for the amazing hospitality in their new home. For driving us around, letting us borrow your car for the wedding and booking all the tickets for the fun things we did. We love you guys!!!

Checking in
Boarding the Plane at Branson Airport
Goodie Bags for the fellow fliers
Certificate for his first flight

Flight Attendants gave us the "Sawyer Special" as they called it which was a free beer!!!
Jon's wedding at Navy Pier, beautiful!
John with his fraternity brothers 

Nicole, Erin and me

Me, Jessica and Krissy

John and the Groom!

John and Geoff
Walking up to Soldier Field for the Bears Game
Our first Professional Football Game!!
John was in heaven!!
The whole family!
Checking out the Sting Rays at Shedd's Aquarium
The Aquatics Show
Sawyer's 1st Movie and it was 4D!!
Wrigley Tour, sitting in the Cubs Dugout
On the field
kisses for Aunt Ruthie
bath time in the jacuzzi tub!
We're home!!!
Sawyer was so tired from traveling, he started putting noodles on his head at dinner!!!
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Best way to end the night, Andy's!!!

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