Thursday, September 26, 2013

Sawyer Gets His First Haircut

AH! We did it!! We cut the mop aka mullet that had taken over my son's head. I was very apprehensive just because I love his hair so much! Even if it was a hot mess, it still was adorable to me. Our friend Nick's family owns Walnut Street Barber, where John gets his hair cut, and we promised him from when Sawyer was born he would get the first cut. Sawyer was a little weirded out with the whole cape thing but once he popped a sucker in his mouth he was pretty good. He shed a couple tears at the beginning but as long as we kept him distracted he was a champ. I have to say he looks like such a little dapper young man and I can finally see his neck (I was starting to wonder if he had one). Nick did a great job, was very patience when he squirmed and he sent us home with a certificate for his first hair cut and a bag with a locket of hair. Thanks Nick, you have a customer for life!!

Oh and of course I took a ton of photos to commemorate the occasion, enjoy!


Thought about trying out Ole #24, maybe next time

---------------------GOING IN FOR THE FIRST CUT---------------------

Starting to look like a regular

---------------------AFTER ---------------------

We have a NECK!

Admiring his new 'do
He may hate this in 15 years but it is going in his baby book
love him! 

Look at those Handsome Young Men!

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  1. Oh my gosh, I LOVE this!!!!! I loved his little hair before, but he does look very dapper!